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Supporting Materials

Dave Jessop Limited stock a wide range of products essential to complete your installation.

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    Our Stock

    Our Stock Includes:

    •  Face Masks 
    • Silicone Sealants
    •  Masterflash Pipe Flashings
    • Flashband
    • Foam Fillers
    • Fixings and Fasteners (more details below)
    • PVC Products (more details below)

    Fixings and Fasteners 

     Dave Jessop Limited has a huge range of fixings and fasteners available in stock. With expert advice available to ensure we supply you with the most suitable fixings/ fasteners for your particular needs.

    Our Stock Includes:

    •  Light and Heavy Section Hexagonal Headed
    • Drill Fixings
    • Composite Fixings
    • Timber Fixings
    • Colour Headed Fixings
    • Rivets (Plain and Coloured)
    • Colour Caps
    • Drive Screws
    • Insulation hangers (Stick Pins)

    PVC Poducts

    • PVC Gutters 170mm Half Round
    • PVC Fallpipes 110mm 160mm
    • PVC accessories to complete your job